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Magazine Articles Referencing Canyon Hydro

Putting Water To (More) Work: McKinstry, Canyon Hydro, Covington Team Up. Washington Manufacturing Alert, September 2017

Precision Machining Hydro Impellers.  How Canyon Hydro uses high precision CNC machinery to produce its turbine runners. Manufacturing Engineering, January 2012

Recovering Energy from an Existing Conduit.  How the City of Logan, Utah, installed a Francis turbine to replace a Pressure Reducing Valve in its municipal water supply. Good discussion about avoiding penstock surges.  International Water Power & Dam Construction, June 2011

Borrowing Water for Power.  A look at the Canoe Creek 5.5 MW project in Canada, and how teamwork with the a First Nations tribe drove success.  First Nations Drum, December 2010

Everything Old is New Again. A closer look at the City of Santa Fe Water Department's Energy Recovery Project. Ecodaddy, December 2010

Small Scale Hydro Gets BIG. How regulatory changes are smoothing the way for new hydro projects. Power Engineering, November 2010

Tyson Creek: Tapping into the Highest Head in North America. This 9.3MW project uses an alpine lake for storage. Hydro Review, June 2010

Energy Recovery from Public Water Systems, Harvesting reserve power by replacing pressure reducing valves with hydro turbines. International Water Power & Dam Construction, July 2010

Visions of Hydro, International Water Power & Dam Construction, June 2010

Hystad Creek Project: Containing Costs to Increase Output and Profitability, Hard work and innovative techniques translate to excellent return on this 7MW project. Hydro Review, June 2006


Canyon Hydro News Releases

Canyon Hydro Is Now the Owner and Operator of The James Leffel & Co., August 2023

Canyon Hydro Commissions 25 MW Pelton Turbine, July 2022

City of Sheridan Generates Power from Drinking Water, March 2018

Canyon Hydro Starts Up New Hydroelectric System for City of Logan, Utah, March 2011

Canyon Hydro to Supply Water Turbine System for 5 MW Boulder Canyon Hydroelectric Project, January 2011

Canyon Hydro Make Major Investment in Turbine Efficiency, May 2010