Canyon Hydro Water-to-Wire Packages

Everything you need for your powerhouse

Canyon Hydro is your single-source US manufacturer, supplier and installer for all of your power generating equipment. This often includes the turbine, generator, mounting frames, turbine inlet valve, automated controls, switchgear and step-up transformer.

Efficiency and durability are the highest priorities for our powerhouse packages. From shaft materials and bearings to sensors and controls, every component is selected to ensure maximum possible power output and long life.

Allison Creek Project

Canyon provided the installation service . The following slides show the progression.

6700 KW Allison Creek turbine installed in Valdez, AK.

Setting of turbine housing

Assembly of nozzles and bifurcation

Set generator anchors in reinforcing steel for geneator plinth

General contractor pouring generator plinth.

Installation of 25 ton generator rotor

Canyon CNC machined pelton runner installed

Turbine and generator installed. TIV is removed for final penstock connection.

Turbines are closely matched with generators early in the design stage to ensure optimum integration and efficiency. Generators are selected to meet the rigorous demands of hydroelectric environments, and sourced only from reputable manufacturers. Embeddable mounting frames are carefully designed and fabricated to ensure precise alignment between turbine-generator components.

Controls and switchgear are engineered to meet the intertie requirements and control schemes of each individual project. For stand-alone projects, complete electro-hydraulic governing systems are employed to provide stable, utility-quality power for remote sites.

A Canyon Hydro water-to-wire package is your assurance that every effort has been taken to ensure efficient, long-term performance.

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